April Edition Moonvapez Newsletter RTA Lightweight Mods

April Edition Moonvapez Newsletter RTA Lightweight Mods

April Edition Moonvapez Newsletter RTA Lightweight Mods

Can we build it? Yes we can!

The rebuildable tank (RTA) market has had a massive increase in demand recently since the introduction of TPD. This is mainly due to vapers realising they could buy separate hardware and build to larger sizes.

There are many manufactures catering for this market, but we think Geekvape still leads them all. Geekvape have made many amazing RTA’s. Known by all builders for their superior build quality, many will tell you that they are loyal to the brand. They have released multiple RTA’s like the Griffin RTA, the Zeus RTA, however this brings us to their latest The Blizten RTA. A 24mm tank with a postless deck it bring ease of use with a whole lot of building space for enormous coils if that’s what you want. Blitzen RTA can be used in either single coil or dual coil mode with side air flow direct to the coils for the best vapour production. Best thing is it comes with a bubble glass which allows the capacity to be extended to 5ml.

You can buy the Blitzen RTA here


Lightweight mods are the future!

You might still see a load of devices around that are big and bulky, and weigh a ton. But more recently manufactures are starting to cut back on that weight. You have had companies like Wismec, Tesla and Geekvape to name a few, who have all tried to cut weight in some form or another. Be it by reducing the size of a device like the Wismec Gen 3, or by using aircraft grade ultralight material like Geekvape and Tesla have tried. However, we think Vapor Storm has done the best job with the Puma mod so far. Vapor Storm Puma 230 was released last year with little hype as no one had even heard of them, but over the last few months they have blown on to the market at lightning speed.

With it’s dual battery configuration it powers to 200watts and its operation is very easy. To be fair, when looking at it you would probably mistake it for a Minikin 2 as it has a very similar shape and design. It is near identical in height and width and just the length is a bit longer. But where this mod differs is when you hold it. Made from strong yet lightweight plastic, you can barely even feel it’s there. Put two 18650 batteries in and you can still barely feel it and you think to yourself is this is this even real and does it work. Let us tell you it works and does a hell of a job. They come in a nice range of designs and colours to suit everyone too.

You can buy the Vapor Storm Puma 230 here

You can buy the Wismec Gen 3 here


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April Edition Moonvapez Newsletter RTA Lightweight Mods

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