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An argumentative research paper typically has three main sections. The first is the introduction. The introduction gives the reader an overview of the paper and introduces the primary thesis statement.

The second section is the body. The body section should present the thesis statement and provide evidence to back the argument. In a research essay, the body should consist of three paragraphs. Each paragraph should be written to support a particular aspect of the argument.

The conclusion is the third and final part. The conclusion should end the argument by providing the reader with a concluding statement and a prompt to investigate the topic.

Argumentative research papers aren’t persuasive essays. They use evidence and facts to prove their points. The evidence will be organized around specific topics, like historical periods, theories and geographical regions. The use of reliable sources is important. It will also help to properly reference the sources.


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A clear closing statement is crucial for argumentative research papers. The closing statement should explain to the reader why the important points in the paper are in support of the thesis. It also needs to explain why the opposing arguments don’t work. Finally, it should suggest the best course of action for future research.

The conclusion is not a time for a few minor points. The focus should be on the most important findings. It is possible to leave out minor details but it is better to give the reader an overall view of the paper’s purpose.

The conclusion is a good opportunity to inform readers about the paper’s most notable discovery. It’s also a good moment to suggest further research. It’s also a good time to issue a request to action.