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Welcome to moonVapez

Birmingham’s leading vape store

We have been open since may 2015 and have changed the way vape stores operate. We are open from 11am – 2am SEVEN days a week.  Our belief is that our customers should be able to sample any product before handing over any money, yes! you heard it, SAMPLE ANYTHING.  As vapors ourselves we were sick and tired of walking into vaping stores and leaving with crap juice that was recommended to us.  We make sure you like any E-Liquid BEFORE you buy it, so that you can enjoy your purchase.

Visiting a nomal Vape Store is sometimes a rush, after your long day at work there is sometimes no time to pop in and get what you need. We have changed the model of a vape store with the opening hours we operate.  Now you can pop in and unwind whilst you sample our massive range with a complimentary cup of tea… or just order online!   Enjoy, ZEE.

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